Who am I?


I am a philosopher of medicine interested in conceptual, epistemological and ethical questions about medicine and science in general.

I earned my PhD in philosophy at Sorbonne Université in Paris, France. I defended my PhD in June 2019.

My dissertation (in French) can be downloaded by clicking here: FERRY-DANINI – Une critique de l’humanisme en médecine – 2019 – thèse de doctorat.

I previously worked as a fixed term lecturer in philosophy (ATER in French) at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (2018-2019) , where I taught philosophy of science, medical humanities and ethics. Université Lyon 1 is comprised of two medical schools and several science faculties.

I have a broad range of interests in the philosophy of medicine. My dissertation critically covers contemporary humanistic approaches in the philosophy of medicine (narrative medicine, phenomenology of medicine…) but I am also interested in epistemological and ethical questions.

I have a growing interest in the history of medicine. In 2017-2018, I was employed as a research fellow on the multidisciplinary project on anatomy collections, “Projet Paré”, at Sorbonne Université. In this project, I focused on the history of the Société Anatomique de Paris and the pathology collection Dupuytren. I worked at the crossroads of philosophy and history of collecting practices.

Feel free to reach me at: ferry.danini@gmail.com.