Publications & Talks


Ferry-Danini, 2019, “Should the phenomenological approaches to illness really be wary of naturalism?,” Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Volume 73, February 2019, pp 10-18,, 


I spoke about this paper on the bioviewspodcast, you can listen to the episode here:

Ferry-Danini, 2018, “A new path for humanistic medicine,” Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, Volume 39, Issue 1, pp 57–77 , 

Ferry-Danini, forthcoming, “La singularité des récits des patients : un écueil pour la médecine narrative ?” in Humanités médicales : fictions, représentations, témoignages. Éditions Honoré Champion, Paris. (draft in French, free access)

Drouet, I., Ferry-Danini, J., Paternotte, C., 2019, Book review: Jacob Stegeng, Medical Nihilism, 2018, Oxford University Press, in Lato Sensu, Revue de la Société de Philosophie des Sciences, Vol 6, N°1, pp 15-19. (free access)

Ferry-Danini, 2017, Book review: The Handbook of the Philosophy of Medicine, Thomas Schramme, Steven Edwards 2017, The Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, Vol. 23, Issue 5, pp 1087-1089. (free access)

Selected talks

“Epistemological reflexions on collecting in medicine: What can we learn from the practices of a 19th century Parisian anatomy society?”, will be presented at the SPSP Congress in Ghent, Belgium (2018, June & July).

I gave a similar talk at the Congress of the Société de philosophie des sciences at Nantes, France (2018, July).

You can read the abstract of this talk by clicking here: Epistemological reflexions on collecting in medicine. abstractSPSP.

The slides are available here: jolies slides spsp

“Quel est le rôle de la phénoménologie dans les approches phénoménologiques de la maladie ?”, paper presented at the Congress SHESVIE in Lausanne, Switzerland (2018, March).

You can read the French abstract of this talk by clicking here: Quel rôle pour la phénoménologie dans la phénoménologie de la médecine – résumé

“A response to anti-naturalism in the phenomenology of medicine,” paper presented at the 2017 Biennale conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association, University of Exeter, United Kingdom (2017, September).

“Toward a dialogue between phenomenology of medicine and naturalism,” paper presented at the 7th Biennale of the Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable, University of Toronto, Canada (2017, June).

 “Lost in translation: The problem of watered-down phenomenology in the philosophy of medicine,” at the Postgraduate Medical Humanities Conference, University of Exeter, United Kingdom (2016, juillet).

“Explorer les limites de la phénoménologie de la médecine,” at the Congrès de la Société de Philosophie des Sciences, University of Lausanne, Suisse (2016, juillet).

“For an outcomes-oriented humanistic medicine,” paper presented at the conference Medical knowledge in a social world University of Irvine, United States (2016, March).

Invited Lectures

“Quel rôle pour l’imaginaire dans la collecte scientifique : l’exemple de la collection Dupuytren,” at the workshop “Sciences, Imagination, Imaginaires,” organised by Université Jules Verne Picardie, intended for a public of graduate students in philosophy (2018, April).

“Médecine, narration et décision : panorama critique de la médecine narrative,” at the monthly colloquium for health professionals, medicine professors and doctors in training, Séminaire santé médecine décision organised in Sorbonne Université by François Athané (2018, March).

“La collection d’anatomie-pathologique Dupuytren : un objet pour les humanités médicales ?” with Claire Crignon, at the international conference “Fictions, représentations, témoignages” at Université Paris Cité, France (2017, November).

“What does being a good doctor mean? What does being a good patient mean?”, two hours class for health professionals, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France, in 2016 and 2017, 35 to 40 health professionals.